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About Us

The International Student Science Forum 2018 (ISSF 2018) is co-organized by Ho Chi Minh City Vietnamese Students’ Association and Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City on the theme of “human resources in the Industry 4.0”. ISSF is an international forum that aims to bring together undergraduates from ASEAN and other countries to engage in meaningful academic, cultural and social exchanges. During 3 days at the conference, participants will explore the chosen theme of the year through presentations, site visits, breakout sessions and lecture series by industry experts from both the public, private and the people sectors.

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Time: September to December, 2018

  • Deadline for submitting the article


  • Peer review

    22-Otocber to 31-Otocber

  • Announce to official delegates


  • The 2nd International Student Science Forum

    6th – 8th December

Our sessions

The necessary skills for career developments

The education trends in the Industry 4.0

Labour in the international integration

The role of organizations in supporting students to improve their professional skills

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